Stop motion animation is a frame-by-frame process of creating visuals. By combining many still shots of a set of objects (A banana, a tube of toothpaste, an action figure…even a potato!), words, and/or drawings in ordered succession, a stop motion animator can create the appearance of movement. The technique can be used to tell stories, explore a subject, and more. The possibilities are endless!

We had the pleasure of having eleven-year-old friends and collaborators Elvis and Daniel on the show to teach us all about their incredible stop motion films. And because it wouldn’t be Wonderama without some kind of fun competition, we had four audience members participate in an epic stop motion challenge: creating a 15- 30 second video.

Here’s how it went down: first, the animators got to storyboard, then they filmed and edited their creations, and finally, they presented the videos on stage. You’re going to want to see for yourself what each team ended up with, because as Elvis said, “The rest, well, we’ll have to see what happens because we’re not giving you any more spoilers.”