WONDERAMA is the place for musical performances, Life Hacks for Kids, history and messy games. Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey is the home to the acapella group UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. They join us for a rendition of “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae. Women’s role in American history are the focus of our Questions of the Day. One is about the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which gave women the right to vote. Was it passed in 1904, 1920 or 1954? The correct answer is 1920. Staying with women, the second quiz asked who was the first African American women elected to the House of Representatives? The answer was from the 12th District in New York, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. Elected in 1968, then in 1972 she was the first African American woman to seek to be a national party’s candidate for President, Organizational Hacks are the topic of the special demonstration from sisters and LIFE HACKS for KIDS Gillian and Angeline. “Hang-In There Baskets” are made from twine, baskets, scissors and Bobby pins. And “Hanger Hooks” made with wooden hangers, spray paint and a hot glue gun.After getting organized, WONDERAMA turns to fun and games with the messy Circle of Pies and the Banana Bath. And finally, “Me to Be Me” is the performance from the 16-year-old, who gained national fame appearing on THE VOICE, Country Music singer-songwriter Brennley Brown.


WONDERAMA is the place for dance and young inventors and we “Go to the dogs”. I Love Dance starts the program with K-Pop dance performance to “BBoom BBoom”. The group of young performers from various backgrounds not only learn to dance, but also socialize and share their cultural varieties. In a segment called WONDERAMA INVENTION CONVENTION, we were joined by four young people and their new inventions. Kate Lampo, a finalist for the
Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, presents the Lawn Bot to help reduce the amount of water wasted during lawn care. Lily Born, who noticed her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s Disease, was often spilling water, she created the Kangaroo Cup. She now sells these stackable plastic cups. Jay Lambert, the winner of the Provisional Patent award for the National Invention, has created No-Prank Pumpkin for a way to deal with the distribution of candy at Halloween. Dominic DiGravio was one of the shortest kids in his grade. To rectify this concern, he created the Shortie-No-More 360, an elevated shoe to increase his height. Fun and games are also part of this WONDERAMA episode with the Dog’s Dinner and the Questions of the Day dealing with Man’s Best Friend. Callie ask about the so-called “Nanny Dog”. The special affection comes from a Pit Bull, though we can all love the German Shepard and Poodle. Coco and Breezy tell about their dog “Bear” and his sense of smell when they were cooking. They share the fact that dogs have a very acute sense of spell that is 10,000 times that of each of us. Street Justice Crew brings to WONDERAMA a special conclusion performing to Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ “Finesse”. The sibling breakdance crew is comprised of Shafar, Nassim and Nadjaya Delgado.


WONDERAMA highlights diverse performances from Bluegrass to Native American Hoop Dance, along with healthy food preparation, fun games and the Questions of the Day. Master Chef Jr. Mark Coblentz prepares a fresh berry sauce that can be used for yogurt parfaits or over pancakes or toast. Less healthy is the fun game CIRCLE OF PIES, while the other competition is SOCCER SLOPPER with the team with most goals winning the Wonder Prize. The Question of the Day deals with population totals. Callie asks which country has the largest population? Asking whether the largest number or residents are in Japan, China or Russia. The answer is China with 1.4 billion with India the second most India with 1.3 billion. Coco and Breezy ask which country has the least residents. The answer is Vatican City (the home of the Pope) with around 1,000 people. The episode begins with a rousing live performance of an original hip-hop and blue grass mashup from the five-member Sleepy Man group. WONDERAMA concludes with a very special performance. The circle of life is sacred to Native people. The Pueblo of Pojoaque Youth Hop Dancers program focuses on traditional hoop dance in which each of these young dancers display images of animals, plants and
other traditional symbols in Native American culture.


Another WONDERAMA episode with a variety of performances from Hip-Hop dance, singing, and martial arts, along with games and the Questions of the Day. From Miami, Florida is an outstanding group of young people performing to “Dade Crew”, we are joined the Hip Hop Kidz. The Solar System is the key topic of our questions. Calle asks about the size of the sun in relation to the earth. Is it twice as big, a million or a billion times bigger than earth?
The answer is the sun is a million times bigger than the earth. Coco and Breezy continue exploring the solar system asking temperature wise which is the hot planet. Some might guess the sun, but it is not a planet. The answer is Venus with a temperature over 900 degrees.Demonstrating her skills in the martial art of Tae-Kwon Do this young lady is a Five-time Champion and Second Degree Black Belt. Channah Zeitung performed a series of moves to “Real Wild Child” and then instructed David Osmond in the use of the bo staff. Members of the studio audience took part in the games Circle of Pies and the Q&A of the Pea Soup Plunge.
WONDERAMA was treated to a live performance of an original tune by Singer and Guitarist from Atlanta, Georgia Ella Collier to conclude the episode.


This episode of WONDERAMA has some special performances along with Junk Draw Magic and the Questions of the Day dealing with iconic television stars. Silento performs “Watch Me” for the WONDERAMA audience also showing some of his special dance moves. This Atlanta based Rapper become a viral sensation with the release of his hit single, with over a billion views on YouTube.The Questions of the Day that centered on long-time favorites of both young and old alike. It is the MUPPETS. Callie tells us of their history on television. She asks what was the name of the first program where they appeared. It was only five minutes long airing back in 1955. It was not Sesame Street or the Muppet Show but Sam & Friends. Coco and Breezy tell us the origin of the name for our group of friends that include Kermit and Miss Piggy. It comes from the combination of marionettes and puppets thus MUPPETS. From DreamWorks, we are joined by Akira and Walker, they have come to WONDERAMA to teach David Osmond and our viewers some Junk Drawer Magic using random objects found in your drawers at home. Akira demonstrated the Magic Fortune Cookie trick (using playing cards, fortune cookies and sleight of hand) and Walker presented the Shoelace Escape (with only a shoelace and kitchen towel), Also coming to our stage is 15-year-old singer/songwriter, New Jersey’s own Dario DelPriore singing his single “Unbreakable”. Rounding out the fun on this WONDERAMA were Circle of Pies and the Banana Bath as the featured games on this episode.


WONDERAMA has something for everyone with Life Hacks, Step Dancing, Rap music, the history of inventions and our usual messy games. We are pleased to bring back a very special group of young men to our stage. From Atlanta, they are Dae-Twon’s Boys II Bow Ties. Joining us with their distinct entrance to “Bow Tie Man”. This step team is part of a program that endeavors to “Empowers Boys to Become Distinguished Leaders”. We are also joined by 14-year-old Rapper Que 9 from Detroit. He has over 9 million YouTube views. WONDERAMA is delighted to present a performance of his original song, “Memo”. The fun continued with games like Soccer Slopper and Circle of Pies.The Questions of the Day are all about inventions and light. Callie asks about the inventor of the light bulb (Thomas Edison). While Coco and Breezy talk about another famous American Benjamin Franklin and his work with electricity and the lightning rod. He also was the inventor of the aptly named Franklin stove and created bifocal glasses. Here from DreamWorks Life Hacks for Kids we are joined by Gillian and her sister Angeline with easy to create organizational hacks. Staying with the theme of light and showing us their own inventions. The sisters demonstrate how to create Fun Light Hacks. That included the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Jar” and the “Twinkling Firefly Lamp” using common household items like Mason jars, LED lights, a glue gun and a bowl of marbles.


Music is in the air on the next WONDERAMA with special performances along with a unique science experiment. Young scientist Chase Wiley teaches how cool science can be on his YouTube channel Science C. Things get really messy in this demonstration when the elements are mixed together to create Elephant Toothpaste, which is a foamy substance caused by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by using potassium iodide as a catalyst. Just as messy are the games Circle of Pies and Banana Bath. Live performances are a special on WONDERAMA. In this episode we are pleased to present the Joyous String Ensemble a string quartet trained by the
Joyous School of Music in New York City. We are treated to a medley of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran and “Firework” by Katy Perry. Rounding out the musical theme are Solar Sound Band a four-person pop-rock band from the New York area. Their performed their single “Stephen Said”.


Exciting performances are the norm on the next WONDERAMA along with the Questions of the Day and a Kid Toy reviewer. We are joined by a 14-year-old Rapper from Atlanta, King Roscoe to perform his single “Way Up”. This episode of WONDERAMA begins with Jig Factory, a group of 12 dancers from Ridgewood, New Jersey. They performed a modern Irish step dance to “Timber” by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha.

The fun continues with today’s games, Circle of Pies and Bucket Head Splat. The Questions of the Day focus on the beginnings of higher education in the United States. Which was the first college in the U.S.? (Harvard in 1636). Which was the first historically black college? (Cheyney in 1837).

WONDERAMA is joined for a toy demonstration by Maya Weitz. She is a Kid Toy reviewer for TTPM (TOYS, TOTS, PETS & MORE) and on her own YouTube channel the SNEAK PEAK TOY REVIEW. She introduces and demonstrates several new toys to our WONDERAMA viewers.


On this episode of WONDERAMA, dance, healthy cooking and the Questions of the Day are highlighted. Master Chef Jr Cydney Sherman has recipes that she has adapted preparing meals in a dairy free and gluten free household. In the Wonderama kitchen, she presents a healthy bubble tea using tapioca pearls, fresh mango juice, strawberries and coconut milk.

WONDERAMA viewers are also treated to some special dance performances. The show opens with the Jade’s Hip Hop Academy performing to a mash-up track called “Girl Problems”. These dancers from Toronto, Canada are part of the only all Hip-Hop and street dance studio in that city.

Also showcasing his dance skills is 13-year-old Merrick Hanna performing a zombie dance and then joined by David Osmond teaching our audience the moves from the Fortnite dance challenge. Circle of Pies and the Dog’s Dinner are the games that continue the fun. While the Questions of the Day deal with the largest island nation in the world (Greenland) and the smallest (Republic of Nauru in Micronesia).


This WONDERAMA episode highlights science, special performances and unique food creations.

The energy and expertise of a tap dancing troupe start our program with a visit from the Prima Elite Dance Academy. Cool Science is presented by Primatologist Natalia Reagan from the web series SCIENCE IT’S YOUR FRIEND. This STEM segment focused on information about monkeys and apes and relation to other primates using a Primate Cladogram. While also showing the difference between them with their teeth (canines), limps and which have a tail.

Master Chef Junior Zac Cera creates a “Funky Frappuccino” challenging David and members of the studio audience to a taste test. The question of the day dealt with the origin of denim jeans which was in the 1500’s in Genoa, Italy used by the Italian navy because of their durability. The other question asked who was the first African American to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show (Ella Fitzgerald in 1972 in a salute to the legendary Louis Armstrong). The episode is concluded with a rock performance from Fly by Midnight.


On this episode of WONDERAMA showcased are segments dealing with Cool Science, cooking, the fun and messy game CIRCLE OF PIES, and two special performances.

The program starts this week with thunder, that is the precision drum squad from Montclair, New Jersey known as DRUMS OF THUNDER. That is followed by a STEM segment with kid scientist Chase Wiley. The demonstration looks at the properties of nitrogen which comprises 78% of our air. Objects made up mostly of water when placed into liquid nitrogen which has been frozen to -320 degrees harden so that bananas can be used like a hammer on a nail and roses can break into pieces.

The questions of the day dealt with historical topics. We asked about the first American woman in space (Sally Ride in 1983) and the origin of a favorite food: pizza (not from Italy but a Greek word with Middle Eastern roots). Speaking of food, Master Chef Junior contestant Mark Coblentz was in the WONDERAMA studio to create crêpes prepared with a blueberry sauce. Singer Whitney Woerz performed to conclude the episode.


This week’s WONDERAMA deals with Cool Science including both serious and fun experiments, an unusual musical instrument and a song in praise of New York. The show is off to a rousing start with a visit from Vy Higginsen’s Sing Harlem Choir.

Our STEM segment brings the Science Channel’s Saad Sarwana from Outrageous Acts of Science to the studio. His experiment using magnets and liquid nitrogen demonstrates the Meissner Effect. That is the process when an item becomes a super conductor, losing its resistance to the flow of electrical current when cooled to 321 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coco and Breezy ask the science question about the seven colors of the rainbow…ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). The fun experiment involved the Crafty Girls from Dallas, Texas. They are experts on creating slime, this time they had a minute to concoct the nastiest version using the unusual ingredients provided. Finally, we had a chance to see and hear the most unique instrument with musician Rob Schwimmer who introduce us to the Theremin.


On this episode of WONDERAMA, we explore the expanding universe, a group that is empowered to strives for excellence with music, the ingredients for a healthy salad and the music of the Caribbean Islands.

The STEM segment brings scientist Hakeem Oluseyi to talk and demonstrate the principles behind matter curving, the anti-gravity force called dark matter and how it is contributing to the ever-expanding universe in which the earth exists. The program was off to a rousing start with the Musicianship of the Washington, D.C. Youth Choir.

David was joined in the kitchen by 17-year-old cookbook author from Louisiana Eliana, who prepared a special healthy brussels sprouts salad with strawberries, oranges, pine nuts and a unique vinaigrette dressing. The question of the day dealt with location of the world’s tallest building (Dubai). The episode concluded with a performance by Reggie artist Conkarah.


A variety of topics are featured in this episode of WONDERAMA. Cool Science, cooking, jump rope, breaking dancing and a Ping Pong demonstration filled the half hour. Scientist Chase Wiley provides the experiments in our STEM segment. We eventually see the “clock reaction” using a vortex to change the color of liquids and exhibit the principle of oxidation with the “blue bottle reaction”. High energy is shown by the Bungee Jumpers from Bucs County and breaking dancing skills of KBL: Kids Breaking League.

Our questions of the day deal with the location for this year’s World Cup (Russia) and a fun question: Why you should not let your dog pick your outfit for the day? (Because dogs are color blind). After the Circle of Pies contest, David Osmond joins Master Chef Jr. Mark Koblentz as he prepares a Southern recipe from his Mississippi roots. It is southern drop or “cat head” biscuits with an added chocolate “gravy” or ganache. The episode concludes as David meets and is challenged by World Champion Ping Pong players and brothers Syd and Nandan Naresh.

EPISODE 137 – Wonderama Presents: The Best of Group Performances

All this season we have been visited by groups of young people and special performances that have been able to show our audiences the wide range of talents and skills including unique singing and dancing.

Among the performing arts that are showcased in this episode are the cast of the show STOMP, the tradition of bluegrass music is skillfully presented by SHADOW GRASS and revisit the U. S. TV debut performance by THE NEW HOPE CLUB. Finally, we get to again experience the hip-hop stylings of the young people that are THE EDGE DANCERS.

EPISODE 136 – Wonderama Presents The Best of Animals

We revisit some of the special creatures and their friends that have been part of the WONDERAMA family this season. This special episode gives us a chance to take another look at the animals and the unique science that we have shared along the way. Alternative pet expert Angela Mak brings along a Nile monitor 
lizard, African bull frog, cave geckos and a python discussing their origins and habits.

Science expert and Primatologist Natalie Regan again takes our host and studio audience on an imaginary walk in the jungle as she introduces us to spider monkeys their sounds and their calls. After her appearance on LITTLE BIG SHOTS, animal impressionist Lily Wilker returns to provide the calls of an array of creatures from chickens to dolphins, horses to tree frogs.

Following a recent visit, we are again joined by NYPD Transit officers Brenner and Belavsky and their dogs Sully and Shauney as they demonstrate how they have been trained to work in the subway to find special substances including explosives.

Episode 135

This week on WONDERAMA, David Osmond takes part in a STEM segment about sound, joins the past members of the cast of THE SCHOOL OF ROCK and has a visit from the NYPD canine unit.

From the Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science Debbie 
Berebichez experiments with the physics of sound waves using an ultra-sound and an audio spotlight directional speaker. The young people in the studio audience, David, Coco and Breezy all take in this fun demonstration. We also ask questions about the composer of the National Anthem (Francis Scott Keys) and the site of the first modern Olympic games (Greece).

Then after SNAKES IN A CAN, we are joined by NYPD Transit officers Brenner and Belavsky and their dogs Sully and Shauney as they demonstrate how they have been trained to work in the subway to find special substances including explosives. At the top of the program, the ALUMNI FROM SCHOOL OF ROCK perform “Sweet Child of Mine” and an encore look at Japanese culture and tradition as explored in a
performance of drums and bamboo flute by the Karon Wantanabe 
Taiko Ensemble that closes the episode.

EPISODE 134 – Wonderama Presents: The Best of Talent

All this season we have been visited by young people who have been able to show our audiences the wide range of talents and skills that include singing, juggling and baton twirling.

We revisit the performances from rapper Baby Kaely and Mariachi singer Alondra Santos. The segments highlighting the special skills of juggler Bennett Santora, Champion twirler Jaiden Harvey and contortionist Bella Gantt.


A variety of topics and skills are highlighted in this week’s WONDERAMA. Included are financial advice, several questions about United States history, a cooking segment and special performances from young performers.

Callie asks the history questions of the day dealing with the same day (July 4, 1826) when two past Presidents died (Thomas Jefferson and John Adams) the first college football in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers and a question about the largest population (not the U.S. but China). Financial Expert Ari Rastigar explains the principle of savings using the analogy of how a seed can grow into a tree. Master Chef Junior Cydney Sherman is the kitchen to prepare her recipe for Chocolate Powder Lava mud cakes. The episode begins with the contortionist group Belle Linges and ends with 16-year-old singer song writer Whitney Woerz.


This episode deals with U.S. history, along with a STEM segment, cooking and special music performers. The questions of the day deals with the United States national bird (the bald eagle) and State Capitals named for past U.S. presidents including Abe Lincoln, John Madison, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. The focus of the science demonstrations deals with alternative forms of energy. Inventor Ann Makosinski shows how solar and thermal energy works and provides two young people with ways to deliver the most thermal energy in a head-to-head contest. Master Chef Junior Sydney Sherman provides her recipe for a special treat known a “whoopie pie”. Music is provided by the teen group known as Gilbert the band and rapper Baby Kaely.


This episode of WONDERAMA deals with a variety of topics including cool science, cooking and animals. The STEM segment brings Kim Magloire from SCITECH KIDS to the studio to provide some hands-on interaction dealing with electricity and electrical current. The demonstration uses vegetables to provide the power to make music. This shows the principle behind circuits, which are the paths on that electricity travels. Also, on the show after her appearance on LITTLE BIG SHOTS, animal impressionist Lily Wilker who provides the calls of an array of creatures from chickens to dolphins, horses to tree frogs. Liquid nitrogen prepared ice cream was on the menu from Master Chef Junior Zac Cara, who was also joined by baseball manager Bobby Valentine. The questions of the day dealt with the largest country (Russia) and the establishment of the WNBA. The episode was kicked off by a performance by the Jigg Factory Ridgewood Irish Dance Troop.

EPISODE 130-  Wonderama Presents: The Best of Games

This episode highlights all the games that are fun and at times messy segments each week.  They are designed not to be competitions. BUCKET HEAD SPLAT and ROCK SOCCER are meant as team building exercises, while SNAKES IN A CAN and CIRCLE OF PIES are just games of chance that allow the audience to root for each of their fellow audience members to win a prize. This compilation is meant to highlight the excitement that these segments bring to each episode of WONDERAMA.

We also look at some of the best examples of special kids. Callie takes the WONDERAMA cameras to GET AIR to find out about  KIDS HELPING KIDS. She visits with and interviews the brother and sister who created the program to provide the opportunity for young people to exercise and have fun while getting healthier. And we then go on site in Darien, Connecticut to the PERSON TO PERSON clothing center and food pantry where we interview the teens who oversee this very special operation providing items for free to those in need. We also visit with Teddy, the Children’s Miracle Network Champion Ambassador.  His courage and upbeat attitude while dealing with hydrocephalus is a positive example to all young people.

EPISODE 129 – Wonderama Presents: The Best of Cooking

This episode deals with the culinary arts and the young people who have been able to share their talents with the viewers of WONDERAMA over the past few weeks. The best recipes and demonstration of the season so far are highlighted in this special episode with Master Chef Junior Cydney Sherman; Mark Coblentz; Gonzalo Ingram; Zac Kara; and Eleana de Las Casas. We can rediscover their culinary favorites including stuffed mushroom caps, fruit rainbow popsicles, pastalaya, pineapple upside down mini cakes, a special corn dog and liquid nitrogen ice cream with frozen berries.

EPISODE 128 – Wonderama Presents: The Best of Science!

Featuring science of Hakeem Oluseyi, Debbie Berebichez; Chase Wiley; Borislaw Bilash and Ann Makosinski. In our STEM segments, we revisit experiments dealing with topics ranging from the principles of suspension, anti- currents, chemiluminescent and exothermic reactions. And demonstrations of bouncing bubbles, inert gases, heat as a power source and raining rockets.


Cool Science and special performance are the focus of this week’s episode of WONDERAMA.
In our STEM segment, THAT CHEMISTRY SHOW Science teacher Boris Bilash conducts a demonstration with David Osmond and members of the studio audience using hydrogen peroxide and everyday dish soap. The purpose of the experiment is to dramatically show the principle behind an exothermic reaction. Callie poses the question: How hot does it have to be to cook an egg on the street? Confirming that it has been be at least 158 degrees to accomplish that cooking task. Christine Tomlin joins David for some fun with cookie dough. This episode also includes performances from Extreme Force All-Stars and teen magician Ben Zabin.


This week’s WONDERAMA deals with a menagerie of animals and bugs as host Davis Osmond listens to stories about monkeys and encounters the bug girl bringing along some of her pet cockroaches. On this episode, we also have performances highlighting young people showing their dance and juggling skills.
Science expert and Primatologist Natalie Regan takes our host and studio audience on an imaginary walk in the jungle as she introduces us to spider monkeys their sounds and their calls. The Question of the Day asks about the world’s largest mammal (the blue whale), While we also get to see a race among some of insect’s smallest creatures. Shelby the bug girl brings along her large collection of cockroaches and a few are ready to race on a specially built course. A hip-hop performance by the Edge Dance Company and the juggling of pizzas is expertly shown by the Jersey Pizzas Boys to round out the episode.


Diverse subjects are highlighted in this episode of WONDERAMA including inventors, exercise, cooking with unique performances. The question of the day deals with the inventor of the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell) and we have a 19-year-old inventor in the studio. Ann Makonsinski tells David Osmond the reason behind her invention is to provide light for young people to study where electricity is not available. Her invention using the principle of heat to create electricity, it is a battery less hollow flashlight that use the heat of the human hand as its power source. Also on this episode Master Chef Junior Cydney Sherman provides her own take on a classic recipe transforming it to create mini Pineapple Upside Down cakes. Coco and Breezy have a daily exercise recommendation. Performances from the hip hop dance team Darcy’s Academy of Dance and baton twirler Jaiden Harvey rounding out the episode.


Science is highlighted in this week’s episode of WONDERAMA, along with cooking tips and two special performances.
From OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE Saad Sarwana uses plastic and copper pipes, fidget spinners and magnets to demonstrate the principle behind Counter Electromotive force and Anti-currents. The questions of the day ask: “What is faster than the blink of an eye?” (the speed of light and lightning). Also, our geography question deals with the largest country in the world (Russia). Master Chef Junior Gonzolo Ingram provides a special corn dog recipe. The WONDERAMA performances of the day are Vy Higgensen’s Sing Harlem Choir and Illusionist and Magician Kid Ace.


Cool Science is the focus of this episode of WONDERAMA dealing with the unusual densities of gases and the question of the day asking about plants, along with light up art and special performances.From THAT CHEMISTRY SHOW, we are joined by Science teacher Borislaw Bilash to introduce us to sulfur hexafluoride (which is six times heavier than air). His demonstration of inert gases shows how sound can travel faster in air, and that when one safely inhales these gases voices can change dramatically. Today’s query deals with chlorophyll and the process of photosynthesis. In another segment, guest DJs Tristan and Tyler explain the craft of creating light up art. Our performances are highlighted by the dancing skills of the troupe KIDS BREAKING LEAGUE and a song from teen sensation Aja9.


Outstanding performances, Cool Science, questions on history and pop culture, and elevated sandwich making are highlighted on this week’s WONDERAMA.
Our STEM segment brings young scientist Chase Wiley to the studio to demonstrate the principle of Chemiluminescent reactions. Or stated more simply, how luminal appears in various forms producing light using several different chemicals and agents. Master Chef Junior Mark Coblentz provides the ingredients for his own elevated ham and cheese sandwich using French bread, jam, goat cheese and Italian prosciutto. The questions of the day deal with history (the writer of the Declaration of Independence) and the most popular household pets (fish, cats and dogs in that order). The tradition of bluegrass music is skillfully presented by Shadow Grass and finally in their U. S. TV debut we are treated to a performance by THE NEW HOPE CLUB.


This WONDERAMA contains a STEM demonstration explaining dark matter, a special cooking segment, a performance that highlights another culture, a pro-social report about young people helping one another, along with queries about space history and pop culture. Scientist Hakeem Olyseyi exhibits the principle, that things are not as you might think they are across the universe. This segment teaches about the forces of gravity, black holes and dark matter. Callie takes the WONDERAMA cameras to GET AIR to find out about KIDS HELPING KIDS. She visits with and interviews the brother and sister who created the program to provide the opportunity for young people to exercise and have fun while getting healthier. In a special culinary segment, Junior Chef Eliana creates Pastalaya with her own Creole seasoning. We present a song from Mariachi singer and America’s Got Talent contestant Alondra Santos. There are the questions of the day asking about the second man to walk on the moon (Buzz Aldrin) and the most popular recording group (of course, the Beatles). Wonderama begins showcasing the talents of a family of unicyclist known as CHAMPIONS FOREVER.


This episode of WONDERAMA deals with science in an explosive STEM demonstration, there is a look at another culture, special history questions and visit with a Master Chocolatier. From the Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science Debbie Berebichez experiments with carbon dioxide using a thousand film canisters filled with an antacid tablet mixed with water to create raining rockets. Japanese culture and tradition are explored in a performance of drums and bamboo flute by the Karon Wantanabe Taiko Ensemble. Questions deal with Olympic records and the Statue of Liberty. Master Chocolate Maker Mike Katsoris makes a Statue of Liberty pop. Finally, Bella Gantt uniquely breaks a balloon showing her skills as a foot archer.


This week on WONDERAMA, the program has a pro-social theme, nutritional suggestions, financial advice and entertaining performances from very special dance troupe and a medal winning juggler. Callie visits with Teddy, the Children’s Miracle Network Champion Ambassador. His courage and upbeat attitude while dealing with hydrocephalus is a positive example to all young people. On another note, positive nutritional options are highlighted by Master Chef Junior’s Cydney Sherman as she prepares some fruit based rainbow popsicles. Coco and Breezy ask the question about the sources of Vitamin C in addition to carrots which include spinach, kale and asparagus. Financial Expert Ari Rastigar explains the principle of savings using the analogy of how a seed can grow into a tree. Special guest Marc Summers (DOUBLE DARE) joins David Osmond as studio audience members take part in the “Bucket Head Splat” game. BOYS II BOWTIES open the show while gold medal juggler Bennett Santoro performs at the end of the program.


This episode of WONDERAMA contains a STEM demonstration, a special cooking segment, questions posed about space and social media, a loud performance to begin and sports stacking at the close. This week’s science segment with Chase Wiley deals with NonNewtonian fluids shown in their solid and liquid states demonstrating the principle of suspension. Also showing some of the unique characteristics of ooblek that can be made with just corn starch, water and dye for coloring. Also, Master Chef Junior’s Mark Koblentz prepares a special dish of stuffed mushroom caps. The queries of the day deal with space and the only sport practiced on the moon (golf) and the fastest social media site (Instagram). The program starts with a very special performance from STOMP and concludes with teenage sports stacking champion P.J. Ball.


The fall premiere episode of WONDERAMA highlights a STEM demonstration, a visit with unique animals, a quiz on U.S. history and the Performing Arts ranging from classical to rap music. This week’s STEM segment with SCI-TECH KIDS Kim Magliori deals with “bouncing” bubbles and a demonstration of the process behind sublimation. Alternative pet expert Angela Mak brings along a Nile monitor lizard, African bull frog, cave geckos and a python discussing their origins and habits. The episode also includes the classical performers Diverse Concert Artist and 12 year-old rapper Baby Kaely.

E/I Children’s Programming Production Statement