Recess came to be in early 2008. They started off, with Vincent (the band’s lead vocalist) being only 8 yrs. old, as a bunch of kids playing classic rock covers songs in the basement of a small 3 bedroom house on Boundary Lane in Parma, Ohio. As they improved and grew musically, performing at numerous venues and festivals across the States, Recess started to create and write their own music. Through many songs, peculiar situations and events, the band finally had created 5 songs which really reflected them and what they wanted to do. These 5 songs can be found on Recess’s first EP intentionally named “Boundary Lane”. “Story Goes” (featured on this episode) is the second song found on the “Boundary Lane” EP. Recess has completed their second EP, “From Dust to Gold” and released the EP’s first single called “Leaving Home” on 7/26/18. The band is really trying to revolutionize the pop industry and just show how four crazy / ridiculous kids can rise from a small town in Cleveland, Ohio and, by working hard and refusing to give up, show people that it can be done.