Wonderama videos and student activities can be wonder-ful teaching and learning resources to engage kids at home and at school. Subjects covered include ELA, STEM, Math, Social Studies, SEL and Life Skills.

Select a subject to browse the various free Wonderama curricular activities offered. Each activity includes a short video (2-5 minutes) along with a related student activity or worksheet meant to introduce, instruct, review or apply curricular skills in easy to do, real-life ways. All activities require little or basic supplies and can be done in school or shared with students to do at home.

Explore and learn STEM, (science, technology, engineering and math) with these engaging hands-on activities and experiments.
Build reading and writing skills with these real life applications.
Infuse some fun into your math practice.
Learn about the world in relatable, relevant ways.
Learn important life skills from cooking to community service with these enriching activities.
Build social emotional skills with these meaningful lessons that can help kids help others.
Learn about instruments, different types of music and dance.
Stay active and healthy with these wellness activities.
Cooking is a great way to practice so many skills including math, following directions and of course how to cook a delicious meal!