What if I told you that one kid raised $15 million by playing his violin, attending events, and selling hugs for a dollar each? Amazing, right?

Nate Ferrell, a spokeskid for the Children’s Miracle Network, did just that. When he set up shop in a bowling alley with a sign saying, “$1 hugs,” one woman paid $20. Naturally, he gave her 20 hugs! It’s all about technique: to give someone 20 hugs without taking all day, one must deliver them in rapid-fire succession. I don’t know about you, but I feel like the world could use more of these kind of hugs (or almost any kind of hugs for that matter).

Nate has mitochondrial disease, an affliction impacting 1,000-4,000 children each year. But he doesn’t let that get in the way of his sharp sense of humor and positive attitude. He taught us the way cool kids say “yes” (“yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”), revealed the real secret to effective fundraising (“magic!”), and wasn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with a scorpion. We are thrilled to welcome Nate to the Wonderama family!

For more information on the Children’s Miracle Network, including how to help this incredible organization, visit their website.

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