Dominic DiGravio: Dominic DiGravio has a passionate enthusiasm for science, technology, and life in general, inspiring him to become a self-made inventor. As one of the shortest kids in his grade, Dominic created the Shortie-No-More 360s, an elevating shoe to increase his height, which he’s brought with him to share with us today!

Kate Lampo: When she was just 14 years old, Kate Lampo secured a spot as one out of ten finalists for the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge with her invention, Lawn Bot. The Young Scientist Challenge is a national competition in which students grades 6-8 are asked to create an invention to solve an everyday problem. Her innovation aims to reduce the amount of fresh water wasted during home lawn care. Her goal for Lawn Bot is to help save over 50 million gallons of scarce fresh water a year by avoiding the common trend of overwatering lawns and gardens. So water we waiting for? Let’s see how it works!

Lily Born: Lily Born was inspired to invent her Kangaroo Cup at the age of 7, when she noticed her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s Disease, always spilling his water. She’s now 15, and is selling the plastic stackable cups online, in a variety of colors!

Jay Lambert: From Trumbull Connecticut, here is Jay Lambert, with his invention, the No-Prank Pumpkin! Winner of the Provisional Patent award for the National Invention Convention, Jay has developed a solution for preventing those tricksters on Halloween from stealing all your candy.