When Angela Mack was a kid she was always begging her parents to let her keep ‘alternative’ pets including frogs, bugs, and fish. She spent a lot of time outside, catching bugs to keep as her next pet.

As an adult, she got back into that same hobby, but on a more extreme level. She makes her living breeding and keeping exotic animals, her company is Darling Geckos, the largest high-end Leopard Gecko breeder in Pennsylvania. It’s fun and she is ‘living her dream’.

Three Questions With Angela Mack

Wonderama: What is your favorite creature?

Angela: Leopard geckos, especially, because of their genetic diversity.

Wonderama: How many Leopard geckos are in your collection?

Angela: I have 400 Leopard geckos!

Wonderama: What’s the favorite gecko story?

Angela: My favorite gecko escaped. She wasn’t in her enclosure when I was going around to clean. I panicked and looked for hours. It turns out when she escaped, she fell right down into the trash can directly under her enclosure. She was never lost at all.

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