What’s up fam squad?! Welcome back to #BTSwithSofia. We’ve got yet another exciting new episode this week coming at you: bluegrass band Shadow Grass, scientist Chase Wiley, junior chef Mark Coblentz, and New Hope Club are here! Let’s get started:

Opening this week’s show, we’ve got Shadow Grass here to give us some butt-kickin’, foot-stompin’, good ol’ country bluegrass!


Shadow Grass is one of my favorite guests we’ve had on the show. After meeting at some fiddling conventions in 2014, they started their band, and continue to play and spread their Southern charm all over the map!

Next, scientist Chase Wiley is back! This week, he’s giving us some Law and Order vibez with an experiment that real-life crime scene investigators use!


We’re bringing back a favorite game this week: Circle of Pies!


And junior chef Mark Coblentz is back, too!


This week, he’s making a fancy-shmancy version of a yummy classic. Mmmmmmmmm 🍴


And to close the show, British band New Hope Club is here from across the pond playing their hit, “Fixed”!


Aaaaaaand followed on my Spotify 👍 Callie got to catch up NHC again at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day in August. Check it out!

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