Are you ready for this?! Here it comes: ANOTHER WONDERAMA EPISODE!!! We are BACK frands, and we’ve got another shiny new episode! We’ve got Edge Studio of Dance, Natalia Reagan, Shelby the Bug Girl, and the Jersey Pizza Boys! Let’s take it back now, y’all:

Edge Studio of Dance opened up this episode with this dope performance:

The Edge dancers brought their swaggy moves to NYC from Canton, Massachusetts. They compete allllll over the country — and the WORLD!

Next, we’re ready to go bananas with Natalia Reagan from StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson! She’s a super cool primatologist, anthropologist, writer, actress, comedian, AND cartoonist (she’s a woman of many talents). Natalia’s here today to talk about monkeys!


Are you ready for a face fulla pie?! Because comin’ atchya is our favorite game, Circle of Pies!


We’ve got something special next: 11-year-old Shelby has an awesome collection of cockroaches that she’s brought here to the studio! She’s dedicated to teaching kids that not all bugs are scary. But maybe David took that a little too far…

We’ll be racing some familiar looking cockroaches… Are you Team David, Team Coco, or Team Breezy?

And the Jersey Pizza Boy are here to close out our show! You may recognize them from Little Big Shots. Nicholas and Michael Testa are here with an awesome pizza tossin’ show for y’all!


They learned their unique skill at their dad’s pizza parlor, Carmine‘s, located in Jersey City, and have been tossin’ ever since!

That’s all for this episode of Wonderama! We’ll see ya next week!