Did you know that a wallaby can run up to 30 miles per hour? Or that a reticulated python is one of the longest snakes in the world? At Wonderama, we got to meet not just a wallaby, but a baby albino wallaby and not just a reticulated python, but an albino reticulated python.


At birth, wallabies are the size of a jelly bean and remain in the mother’s pouch for at least 2 months until they develop further. See those feet on the wallaby? They can deliver one powerful kick! But although the wallaby can be dangerous in the wild, it’s herbivorous, so it only eats plants.

You can’t say the same about the python! In Southeast Asia where this kind of snake lives in the wild, it preys on small mammals and occasionally birds. Our scaly friend here is named Lily and was born without the black and silver coloring typical to her species. Reticulated pythons get their name from the Latin word “reticulatus” or “net-like”– a reference to the pattern on the snake’s skin.

Have you ever touched a snake? What about a wallaby? What do you think they would feel like?



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