What does it take to be the voice of a villain? Do you have to have an evil streak yourself?

When Mike Pollock visited the Wonderama studios, he proved us wrong: turns out the voice behind notorious Dr. Eggman belongs to a very nice person! But being a voice over actor does take a lot of effort. Mike told us that finding the right voice for a given character is a collaborative process between the actor and the director. Cool!

He also revealed that normally when animated clips are made, the voice gets recorded one line at a time so that the actor can match his speech to the movement of the character’s mouth onscreen. We wondered if it was possible to add voice to an animated scene as the scene was taking place. Mike was up to the challenge, and we think he did awesomely (is awesomely a word? It should be!). See for yourself!

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(Special thanks to Alex Slingsby for providing the Harry and Larry Video.)