Cool Science and special performance are the focus of this week’s episode of WONDERAMA.
In our STEM segment, THAT CHEMISTRY SHOW Science teacher Boris Bilash conducts a demonstration with David Osmond and members of the studio audience using hydrogen peroxide and everyday dish soap. The purpose of the experiment is to dramatically show the principle behind an exothermic reaction. Callie poses the question: How hot does it have to be to cook an egg on the street? Confirming that it has been be at least 158 degrees to accomplish that cooking task. Christine Tomlin joins David for some fun with cookie dough. This episode also includes performances from Extreme Force All-Stars and teen magician Ben Zabin.


This week’s WONDERAMA deals with a menagerie of animals and bugs as host Davis Osmond listens to stories about monkeys and encounters the bug girl bringing along some of her pet cockroaches. On this episode, we also have performances highlighting young people showing their dance and juggling skills.
Science expert and Primatologist Natalie Regan takes our host and studio audience on an imaginary walk in the jungle as she introduces us to spider monkeys their sounds and their calls. The Question of the Day asks about the world’s largest mammal (the blue whale), While we also get to see a race among some of insect’s smallest creatures. Shelby the bug girl brings along her large collection of cockroaches and a few are ready to race on a specially built course. A hip-hop performance by the Edge Dance Company and the juggling of pizzas is expertly shown by the Jersey Pizzas Boys to round out the episode.


Diverse subjects are highlighted in this episode of WONDERAMA including inventors, exercise, cooking with unique performances. The question of the day deals with the inventor of the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell) and we have a 19-year-old inventor in the studio. Ann Makonsinski tells David Osmond the reason behind her invention is to provide light for young people to study where electricity is not available. Her invention using the principle of heat to create electricity, it is a battery less hollow flashlight that use the heat of the human hand as its power source. Also on this episode Master Chef Junior Cydney Sherman provides her own take on a classic recipe transforming it to create mini Pineapple Upside Down cakes. Coco and Breezy have a daily exercise recommendation. Performances from the hip hop dance team Darcy’s Academy of Dance and baton twirler Jaiden Harvey rounding out the episode.


Science is highlighted in this week’s episode of WONDERAMA, along with cooking tips and two special performances.
From OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE Saad Sarwana uses plastic and copper pipes, fidget spinners and magnets to demonstrate the principle behind Counter Electromotive force and Anti-currents. The questions of the day ask: “What is faster than the blink of an eye?” (the speed of light and lightning). Also, our geography question deals with the largest country in the world (Russia). Master Chef Junior Gonzolo Ingram provides a special corn dog recipe. The WONDERAMA performances of the day are Vy Higgensen’s Sing Harlem Choir and Illusionist and Magician Kid Ace.


Cool Science is the focus of this episode of WONDERAMA dealing with the unusual densities of gases and the question of the day asking about plants, along with light up art and special performances.From THAT CHEMISTRY SHOW, we are joined by Science teacher Borislaw Bilash to introduce us to sulfur hexafluoride (which is six times heavier than air). His demonstration of inert gases shows how sound can travel faster in air, and that when one safely inhales these gases voices can change dramatically. Today’s query deals with chlorophyll and the process of photosynthesis. In another segment, guest DJs Tristan and Tyler explain the craft of creating light up art. Our performances are highlighted by the dancing skills of the troupe KIDS BREAKING LEAGUE and a song from teen sensation Aja9.


Outstanding performances, Cool Science, questions on history and pop culture, and elevated sandwich making are highlighted on this week’s WONDERAMA.
Our STEM segment brings young scientist Chase Wiley to the studio to demonstrate the principle of Chemiluminescent reactions. Or stated more simply, how luminal appears in various forms producing light using several different chemicals and agents. Master Chef Junior Mark Coblentz provides the ingredients for his own elevated ham and cheese sandwich using French bread, jam, goat cheese and Italian prosciutto. The questions of the day deal with history (the writer of the Declaration of Independence) and the most popular household pets (fish, cats and dogs in that order). The tradition of bluegrass music is skillfully presented by Shadow Grass and finally in their U. S. TV debut we are treated to a performance by THE NEW HOPE CLUB.


This WONDERAMA contains a STEM demonstration explaining dark matter, a special cooking segment, a performance that highlights another culture, a pro-social report about young people helping one another, along with queries about space history and pop culture. Scientist Hakeem Olyseyi exhibits the principle, that things are not as you might think they are across the universe. This segment teaches about the forces of gravity, black holes and dark matter. Callie takes the WONDERAMA cameras to GET AIR to find out about KIDS HELPING KIDS. She visits with and interviews the brother and sister who created the program to provide the opportunity for young people to exercise and have fun while getting healthier. In a special culinary segment, Junior Chef Eliana creates Pastalaya with her own Creole seasoning. We present a song from Mariachi singer and America’s Got Talent contestant Alondra Santos. There are the questions of the day asking about the second man to walk on the moon (Buzz Aldrin) and the most popular recording group (of course, the Beatles). Wonderama begins showcasing the talents of a family of unicyclist known as CHAMPIONS FOREVER.


This episode of WONDERAMA deals with science in an explosive STEM demonstration, there is a look at another culture, special history questions and visit with a Master Chocolatier. From the Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science Debbie Berebichez experiments with carbon dioxide using a thousand film canisters filled with an antacid tablet mixed with water to create raining rockets. Japanese culture and tradition are explored in a performance of drums and bamboo flute by the Karon Wantanabe Taiko Ensemble. Questions deal with Olympic records and the Statue of Liberty. Master Chocolate Maker Mike Katsoris makes a Statue of Liberty pop. Finally, Bella Gantt uniquely breaks a balloon showing her skills as a foot archer.


This week on WONDERAMA, the program has a pro-social theme, nutritional suggestions, financial advice and entertaining performances from very special dance troupe and a medal winning juggler. Callie visits with Teddy, the Children’s Miracle Network Champion Ambassador. His courage and upbeat attitude while dealing with hydrocephalus is a positive example to all young people. On another note, positive nutritional options are highlighted by Master Chef Junior’s Cydney Sherman as she prepares some fruit based rainbow popsicles. Coco and Breezy ask the question about the sources of Vitamin C in addition to carrots which include spinach, kale and asparagus. Financial Expert Ari Rastigar explains the principle of savings using the analogy of how a seed can grow into a tree. Special guest Marc Summers (DOUBLE DARE) joins David Osmond as studio audience members take part in the “Bucket Head Splat” game. BOYS II BOWTIES open the show while gold medal juggler Bennett Santoro performs at the end of the program.


This episode of WONDERAMA contains a STEM demonstration, a special cooking segment, questions posed about space and social media, a loud performance to begin and sports stacking at the close. This week’s science segment with Chase Wiley deals with NonNewtonian fluids shown in their solid and liquid states demonstrating the principle of suspension. Also showing some of the unique characteristics of ooblek that can be made with just corn starch, water and dye for coloring. Also, Master Chef Junior’s Mark Koblentz prepares a special dish of stuffed mushroom caps. The queries of the day deal with space and the only sport practiced on the moon (golf) and the fastest social media site (Instagram). The program starts with a very special performance from STOMP and concludes with teenage sports stacking champion P.J. Ball.


The fall premiere episode of WONDERAMA highlights a STEM demonstration, a visit with unique animals, a quiz on U.S. history and the Performing Arts ranging from classical to rap music. This week’s STEM segment with SCI-TECH KIDS Kim Magliori deals with “bouncing” bubbles and a demonstration of the process behind sublimation. Alternative pet expert Angela Mak brings along a Nile monitor lizard, African bull frog, cave geckos and a python discussing their origins and habits. The episode also includes the classical performers Diverse Concert Artist and 12 year-old rapper Baby Kaely.

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