Some people can go their whole lives without finding their true passion, while others find it at age 13 and never look back. When DJ Shiftee told us, “If someone shows me a picture of their baby, I show them a picture of my turntable,” we knew he was one of the lucky ones.


One of the coolest things a turntablist does is a technique called scratching, which involves moving a record back and forth on a turntable while manipulating the crossfader on a DJ mixer. This produces percussive beats and sound effects that add nuance and complexity to a song, and it requires a special technique of applying enough pressure to the record to produce friction, but not so much that the platform underneath stops spinning.

DJ Shiftee’s turntables are unique as well– they’re gold! He is a world champion DJ and won his gold turntables as trophies in a competition. In this video, DJ Shiftee shows off his skills, David drops the beat, and Breezy does some scratching. Watch to see what they create together!

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