The Harlem Gospel Choir sends David off with an energetic new version of a classic carol, and Donny and Marie Osmond help their nephew share a heartwarming song about children, peace, and the true holiday spirit. When David arrives in Salt Lake City, Showboy Bake Shop cooks up a spectacular treat that is (almost) too beautiful to eat. Music resounds throughout the red-and-green-decked mansion, courtesy of Lexi Mae Walker, One Voice Children’s Choir and the Osmond-Chapman Orchestra. It’s the kind of Christmas special you’ll want to return to each year as a beloved tradition: uplifting, heartwarming, and with just the right blend of old and new.


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“Every Child Needs A Christmas.” David, we couldn’t agree more! A Wonderama holiday is about peace, friends, and family. In this clip from our Christmas special, David sings a song with his uncle and aunt, Donny and Marie Osmond. We invite you to join the Osmond family and the greater Wonderama family in sharing this heartwarming musical message of inclusion and hope.


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What’s Lexi Walker’s favorite Christmas song? “O Holy Night,” of course. Lexi Walker is Sony recording artist with incredible vocal talent, and David Osmond is the host of Wonderama. But you already knew that! If you haven’t yet heard this duet between Lexi and David from our Christmas special, it’s worth a listen. Enjoy!


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