Have you ever had a toy that you felt was too limiting or seemed to require one specific kind of play? When Alice Brooks was eight years old, she wanted a Barbie doll for Christmas. But her father thought that a doll wouldn’t let Alice exercise her full creativity. After all, a doll is a doll. It’s kind of hard to turn a doll into a house or a merry-go-round or a bridge, right?

So Alice’s father gave her a saw instead and watched with pride as Alice built her own toys. From a house to a school, Alice had the freedom to create whatever kind of toy she wanted. 

Now, Alice has developed a toy called Roominate for girls like her to get involved in creating their own play structures. A pun on the word “ruminate,” meaning to think deeply about something, Roominate kits include modular pieces, circuits, and motors. Think of a bridge with real lights running across it, or a ferris wheel that actually turns. All of this and more is possible with Roominate.

See what Wonderama kids created with Roominate in the video below! For more inspiration and to buy the toy, click here. If you have something you built that you want to share with us, we’d love to see it: submit a video showing us your creation and explaining your process. Happy building!

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