From Brooklyn Technical High School, the Lady Dragons Step Team made the Wonderama stage quake in Episode 5 with their amazingly synchronized performance. Step is a type of dance with origins in military drills and African dance, and it takes incredible discipline to do well because all of the movements are coordinated to produce a certain type of beat. If one person is out of sync, the routine becomes muddled. One Lady Dragon told Wonderama that the real difference between step and more traditional forms of dance is just that: discipline.

Lady Dragons is ranked third in the nation, so it’s safe to say that they’ve got the discipline thing down pat. Practicing for 2.5-3 hours every day after school, this impressive group brings together students from different backgrounds, cultures, and neighborhoods in a common love of step. Their website says they “epitomize class, style, and ferocity,” and we couldn’t┬áput it better ourselves!

We had a blast watching (and listening to: step is a very auditory form of movement) the Lady Dragons, and they were kind enough to teach David a move. Check it out!

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