Episode 3: Skateboards, Cartoons, & Kidz

Kyle Matthew Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton shows us his freestyle skateboard tricks, explains his daring ways of practicing, and introduces us to the term "gymnast plant."

See It Again! Wonderama On Demand: Skateboards, Cartoons, & Kidz

On this episode of Wonderama, David welcomes the Kidz Bop Kidz, Professional Skateboarder Kyle Hamilton, voice-over actor Mike Pollock, Environmentalist Lauren Singer, Juggler Edward Migliore, and introducing singer Julia Mckay! Plus Larva, That Physics Show, Coco & Breezy, games and much more.

Kidz Bop!

We dare you to watch Kidz Bop's performance on Wonderama without dancing-- it's impossible!

Mike Pollock

We don't normally have villains (or their voices) on Wonderama, but we had to hear from the man behind Dr. Eggman.

Edward Migliore

The inspiring tale of a young juggler who persevered through his battle with illness to teach circus skills to other kids.

Lauren Singer’s Cleaning Spray and Makeup Recipes

Part of Lauren's zero waste lifestyle includes making her own cleaning products, and she showed David and the whole Wonderama audience the recipe she uses for cleaning spray, shown below. Try it yourself and see what you think!

Introducing Julia McKay

Julia Mckay came all the way from Anchorage, Alaska to audition for Wonderama. Julia's singing blew us away and we immediately asked her to be on the show. Watch her performance here.