Episode 2: Robots, Roos, & Jump Ropes

Wallaby + Python + Kids = Pandemonium!

Did you know that a wallaby can run up to 30 miles per hour? Or that a reticulated python is one of the longest snakes in the world? At Wonderama, we got to meet not just a wallaby, but a baby albino wallaby and not just a reticulated python, but an albino reticulated python.

Bruce Blitz Turns A Frog Into a …

How do you turn a frog into a giraffe? Did Humpty Dumpty become a chef? Bruce Blitz, our favorite cartoonist and quick draw artist, came by the Wonderama Studios to answer these questions and more. See for your...

See It Again! Wonderama On Demand: Robots, Roos, & Jump Ropes

On the second episode of Wonderama, David welcomes singer Skylar Stecker and jump rope team FloydLittle's Double Dutch. We will be building robots with robofun, and Cat Long visits with a few WILD friends. Plus a unicyclist, Cartooning with Bruce Blitz, games, house DJs Coco and Breezy, and a tasty vegan cook-off!