Welcome back to Behind the Scenes with Sofia (AKA me)! This week we’ve got STOMP, Mark the Chef from Chopped Junior and Masterchef Junior, another new game, Science with Chase Wiley, and World Champion Sport Stacker PJ Ball. Let’s check out that behind-the-scenes wonder-magic!

Opening the show with a BANG is a performance from the off-Broadway hit STOMP; an NYC fave that’s been running for years.

After that, Mark Coblentz from Masterchef Junior and Chopped Junior is here to make some yummy mushroom caps. (Trust me — I had a few and they are dee-lish)

Mark hung out with the interns after his segment, where we forced him to follow all of us on Insta. (Sorry, Mark) Make sure the buy the Masterchef Junior cookbook, out soon!

And now… the premiere of ANOTHER new game:

Next, we had Cool Science with Chase Wiley with an experiment involving two of my favorite things: music and slime.

And to close out the show, we had World Champion Sport Stacker PJ Ball… Can David keep up? (Spoiler alert: no. No, he can’t.)



And that wraps up our second episode! Make sure to keep checking up on us here at wonderamatv.com for exclusive content from all of our guests!