Live from New York…

IT’S A NEW WONDERAMA SEASON!!! Honestly, could it have taken any longer?

To ring in our second season, we’ve created a brand new Behind-the-Scenes blog series here on to bring you pics, videos, and stories from backstage that you won’t find anywhere else! I’m Sofia, an intern here at Wonderama, and I’ll be here every week to spill everything: from backstage goofiness to how a TV show is really made. You’re gonna hear allllll the juicy Wonderama gossip. We’re all back: David, Coco and Breezy, and Callie are all ready to bring you even more wonder this season. I hope you’re ready, because we’ve got a jam-packed season of superstar guests that you’re going to love!

Now that we’ve taken care of business, let’s talk about this premiere episode. O. M. G. What an episode. What a time. Biggest takeaway: Baby Kaely is now my top Spotify artist and she’s cooler than I’m ever gonna be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Baby Kaely opened up our show with an AWESOME performance of her hit song, “The Way,” which I immediately put on my “👌” playlist. And the crowd went wild:

She was SO sweet, and we were so excited to have her on the show. After her performance, us interns got to hang out with her while we watched the rest of the show backstage.

Next, we had Kim from SciTech Kids doing a science demo on bubbles that bounce:

And the premiere of our brand new, messiest game, Bucket Head Splat!

We tested bucket head splat this summer before playing it on the show, and lemme tell you, you are totally gonna want to play this game at home. (Just make sure to ask your parents before you and your friends start throwing paint-filled balloons at each other. Yikes.)

After Bucket Head Splat, we were visited by our pals at Darling Geckos, who introduced us to some new friends:

Lucky for you guys, you’re seeing these scaly creatures onscreen… I am NOT a snake person, but it appears that our crew loves snakes!

And to wrap up our very first episode of Season 2, we had Diverse Concert Artists playing a classical/pop mashup:

WONDER-FACT: We discovered Diverse Concert Artists playing in Grand Central Station right here in NYC. Just goes to show: anything can happen on Wonderama!

We’ve been working so hard on this season all year and we can’t believe the premiere is finally here. We hope you love it! Check back here and on our social media pages for more exclusive content every week. I’ll see you again this time next week for Episode 2!

Signing off, Sofia 😘