Welcome back to another wonderful Wonderama episode preview here at Behind the Scenes with Sofia! We’ve been EXPLODING trying to keep this episode under wraps for you. This week is going to be pretty unbelievable, so look out for major amounts of awesomeness coming your way!

First, we have Kaoru Watanabe Taiko Center from right here in NYC! Their drumming is sure to shake you to your core:

Next, welcome scientist Debbie Berebichez from Outrageous Acts of Science on the Science Channel, here to do an EXPLOSIVE experiment in our Wonderama studio:

You’re gonna have to watch the full episode for the video 😉 This one is a must-see!

Obviously, we have gamez for dayz:

And a sweet treat! Mike Katsoris from Supreme Chocolatier in Staten Island, New York, is here to talk about the making of my favorite food:

Yummmmmmmm. Everyone in our studio audience even got some chocolate to take home! Don’t you wish you were in the audience for this episode? There’s always season three… 👀

To close the show, contortionist Bella Gantt is here! You may recognize her from Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey:

Not only is Bella an awesome contortionist, but she has a pretty unique talent that you’ll have to see to believe…

That’s a wrap for this week! Check back next week for another brand new episode, and y’all better come back and see your favorite blogger (me, duh) right here next week!

Until then, Sofia 💜