Well, howdy partners! Welcome back to Behind the Scenes with your fave, moi, Sofia¬†ūüėė This weeks episode has got a little of everything: singing, science, cooking, magic, and, as always, fun! Strap in, folks, because you’re in for a bumpy Wonderama ride! Let’s kick things into high gear:

To open the show, the legendary Vy Higginsen’s Gospel for Teens Choir is back and better than ever! Remember them from season one? I’m sure you do, because they’re pretty unforgettable.


The group is made up of kids from all over New York and New Jersey who audition in hopes of getting to work and learn in the prestigious group. They have SO much fun, and I’m sure you’ll be dancing and singing along by the end of the performance; I know we were!¬†

Next, Saad Sarwana is here from Outrageous Acts of Science! He’ll be doing an experiment on ~gRaViTy~!


Saad is a physicist AND a stand up comedian! The way he blends the two makes for a super fun and exciting experiment that you’re not going to want to miss!

We’re back with Snake in a Can! I wonder what they’ll win this week?!


Next from MasterChef Junior, we have 13 year old junior chef Gonzalo Ingram! He’s cookin’ up some special treats for us:


Honestly, you know what the number one perk of being in studio is? Trying all of our talented chefs’ foods!


You are NOT gonna want to miss this one: Closing our show is magician Kid Ace. His magic is some of the best I’ve ever seen. You’re sure to love it:


During his rehearsal, the entire cast and crew stopped what they were doing just to watch him. He is absolutely fantastic!!!

That’s a wrap! Enjoy this weeks episode right here on wonderamatv.com. Plus, explore more exclusive online content of Callie with the guests up in the 360 Lounge! I’ll see you next week for more Wonderama fun. Until then, adios!¬†ūüíč