‘Sup dudez ‘n’ dudettes, what’s hangin’? Welcome back to #BTSwithSofia! This week we’ve got a gnarly show for you so let’s kick it off, broskis! Here in studio are Darcy’s Academy of Dance, teen inventor Ann Makosinski, Kid Chef Cydney Sherman, and Jaiden Harvey. Let’s get poppin’!

First up, one of my absolute favorite guests: Darcy’s Academy of Dance! They’re an award winning dance troupe that can only be described with one word: FIERCE. Miley, what’s good?! 


Yas, queen, yaaaaas! They’re kicking butt and taking names and I am HERE FOR IT.

Next, we’re welcoming 19-year-old inventor Ann Makosinski to Wonderama! She’s here to show us one of her many awesome inventions:

Ann came up with this invention when she was just in high school, and we’re so excited to see her demonstrate it here!

This week, we’re playing a good ol’ game of Bucket Head Splat!

Then, MasterChef Junior Cydney Sherman is back! This time around, she’s giving us a little taste of sunshine with a delicious Pineapple Upside-Down Cake!

This is an awesome treat, especially since *winter is coming* 👀

Closing the show is award-winning baton twirler Jaiden Harvey! You may recognize her from Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. This girl is SUCH a superstar:

And that’s our show this week! Click around our site for some awesome online exclusives with this week’s guests, and make sure to check back here next week for another brand new episode! 

See ya later,