Welcome, welcome, welcome to another #BTSwithSofia! Step right up, because we’ve got one heck of a show for you! This week, Extreme Force AllStars, Borislaw Bilash of That Chemistry Show, Kristen Tomlan of Cookie DŌ, and Ben Zabin are here. Plus, DJ Taj in the DJ booth filling in for Coco and Breezy! Let’s get the ball rollin’ here:

Extreme Force AllStars have got a litttt performance for us this week! Extreme Force has got #themoves and you’re gonna luv ’em:


Borislaw is BACK, y’all! He’s here from That Chemistry Show to do a supermegaawesome Elephant Toothpaste experiment…


Obvs we’re playing your fave games:


And an NYC fave is here: Cookie DŌ! Creator Kristen Tomlan ventured over to our studio from her shop near Washington Square Park in downtown Manhattan. We even got to try some of her de-lish dough🍴


Make sure to check out Callie’s interview with Kristen in the Wonderama 360 Lounge to see Callie do a blind taste test of some ~yummy~ dough!

And to wrap things up, teen magician Ben Zabin will be doing some AMAZING magic tricks! He’s performed all over the country, and this week he’s here in NYC in the Wonderama studio gracing us with his incredible magic act:


And that’s it for this week! Next week, we’ll repeat with our super cool episode from earlier this season featuring Baby Kaely, Kim from SciTech Kids, Darling Geckos, and Diverse Concert Artists. Have a happy Turkey Day, and I’ll see ya back here soon on #BTSwithSofia!

Signing off, Sofia 💋