Our motto is always “I can do this,” and we don’t just talk the talk, either. When singer Julia McKay made the journey all the way from Alaska to New York City to audition for the show, we knew we had better sit up straight and listen. And it was a good thing we did!

We were so impressed by Julia’s singing that we brought her on the show– meaning she flew out a second time! And who knows? Today she’s on Wonderama, tomorrow she could be singing your favorite hit song on the radio. Wonderama has a history of discovering breakout stars, after all (I’m looking at you, Jackson 5).

If you want to be the next Julia McKay, submit a video showing us what you can do– whether that’s singing, dancing, sports, cooking, science, art… you name it, we want to see it! In the meantime, be sure to keep up with Julia on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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