It’s almost Mother’s Day! Have you bought Mom a gift yet? If not, here are 10  super easy Do-It-Yourself projects that Mom will love and you’ll love to make.


1. Custom Flower Pot

Don’t just give mom a bouquet of flowers — give her flowers in a pot made by YOU!

What you need:
– Terracotta pot
– Outdoor patio paint
– Paint sponge
– Permanent markers
1. Paint the pot with outdoor patio paint using your paint sponge.
2. Let dry.
3. Draw whatever design you’d like with your permanent markers on the painted pot.


2. Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Mom will be so excited to show off  her new bracelet made by YOU to all of her friends, family, and coworkers. Wear it with pride!

What you need:
– Jumbo popsicle sticks
– Pot of boiling water (and an adult!)
– All-in-one glue and sealer
– Small glass (about the size of a wrist)
– Rubber bands
– Embellishments (paint, paper, glitter, permanent markers, etc)
1. Grab an adult, and have them help you bring a pot of water to a boil.
2. Carefully place popsicle sticks in the water. Popsicle sticks may break, so be sure to add more than one popsicle stick. Be careful not to touch the hot water! Let soak for 15 minutes.
3. Carefully remove the popsicle sticks. Bend them so they fit inside your glass. You can also shape the popsicle sticks outside of the glass using a rubber band to secure it. Let dry for 24 hours.
4. When popsicle sticks are completely dry, remove them from the glass. Gather embellishments.
5. Cover popsicle-bracelet in your all-in-one glue and sealer. Apply your embellishments. Let dry.


3. Photo Bookmarks

Not only will mom love this gift, it’ll make her laugh too!

What you need:
– Laminator/plastic sheet
– Hole punch
– Photo of yourself with your hands up and clasped together
– Computer and Printer
– Scissors
– Ribbon or embroidery yarn
1. Take a photo with your arms up over your head, pretending you’re holding onto something.
2. Upload it to a computer, then print it out.
3. Cut the photo out and laminate it, either with your own laminator or at an office supply store.
4. Cut around the photo, leaving about a ¼ of an inch of lamination around the photo. (It doesn’t have to be exact!)
5. Use a hole punch to put a hole where your hands are in the photo.
6. Tie a ribbon, piece of yarn, friendship bracelet, etc, to the photo through the hole.


4. Custom Mug

Create a masterpiece on a mug for Mom’s morning coffee.

What you need:
– Blank white ceramic mug
– Oil-based permanent paint pens
– Baking sheet
– Oven (and an adult!)
1. Draw whatever you’d like on the mug using your permanent markers.
2. When you are done drawing, have an adult put your mug in a cold oven on a baking sheet, and set the temperature to 400 degrees. Let the mugs heat up with the oven. Set a timer for 40 minutes.
3. When 40 minutes are up, ask an adult to take the mug out of the oven.


5. 52 Things I Love About You

Mom will save this unique gift for years to come.

What you need:
– Deck of playing cards
– All-in-one glue and sealer
– Binder rings or ribbons
– Hole punch
– Scissors
You can either design your “reasons” cards yourself, or use this (link) template.
To make them yourself, you’ll need:
– Paper
– Writing utensil (markers, pens, pencils, etc)
If you’re using the template, you’ll need:
– Template (link)
– Printer
– Paper
1. Before you start any crafting, make a list of 52 things you love about your mom!
2. Open the template on your computer and start writing your reasons in each box. If you made your templates yourself, write your reasons in those.
3. Print out your reasons and cut out each square.
4. Take your hole punch and punch two holes on one side of each of your 52 playing cards, as well as the Joker for your title card.
5. Cover each card in the all-in-one glue and sealer, and attach a “reasons” square on each card. Make sure the “reasons” go on the side of the card that does not have numbers.
6. Let the cards dry.
7. When all of the cards are dry, take your binder rings or ribbons and slide them through each card.

hand shaped bowl craft

6. Handprint Bowl

This keepsake bowl is perfect for any Mom!

What you need:
– Salt dough (2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt, add up to 1 cup of water slowly (you may not need that much); knead until it becomes dough. If it’s too sticky, add more flour.)
– Small, oven-proof bowl
– Acrylic paint
– Varnish
– Mod podge
– Baking tray
– A knife (and an adult!)
– Oven
– Your hand!
1. Flatten the salt dough with a rolling pin or your hands. Press your hand into it. The dough should be about 1 centimeter thick.
2. Have an adult preheat the oven to a low temperature, then have them cut the around the edge of your hand’s imprint with a knife.
3. Place an oven-proof bowl on a baking sheet upside down and rest the dough on top. Have an adult place this in the oven for a few hours.
4. Have an adult take the bowl out of the oven and check if it is hard on both sides. If it is, it’s done! If not, place the bowl back in the oven for a little longer. Let it cool.
5. Once the bowl is cool, you can decorate it! Paint the bowl using your acrylic paint.
6. Once the paint dries, have an adult varnish the bowl so it will last forever.


7. Homemade Bath Bombs

This luxurious bath melt is relaxing, and way more fun than just buying one!

What you need:
– 1 cup citric acid
– 2 cups baking soda
– 20-30 drops of your favorite scented essential oil
– Food coloring or gel food coloring
– 1 tablespoon olive or almond oil
– Small spray bottle of water
– Gloves
1. In a bowl, mix the baking soda and citric acid.
2. Mix in the oil, essential oil, and food coloring.
3. Lightly spray the mixture until it can be molded with your hands. It shouldn’t be powdery, but it also shouldn’t fizz.
4. Put on gloves and mix the substances together to make sure the dye gets through the entire mixture.
5. Mold the mixture into small spheres, or the shape of your choosing. Make sure it is tightly packed together so it forms solidly.
6. Let the bath bombs dry in a warm, dry place out of direct sunlight.
7. Make sure mom uses them within 1-2 weeks!


8. Coupon Book for the Best Mom Ever

The gift that keeps on giving. Mom will love cashing these in well after Mother’s Day. Make the party last all year long!

What you need:
– 3 sheets of paper
– Writing utensils (markers, pens, pencils, etc)
– Embellishments
– Stapler
1. Cut each vertical sheet of paper into three parts.
2. Design each piece with coupons for your mom to use. Some ideas to get you started: “Free hug,” “One chore of your choice,” “Breakfast in bed,” etc. Make sure you save one piece for the cover of the book! The cover should say something like “Coupon Book for the Best Mom Ever.”
3. Stack the pieces on top of each other. Make sure the cover is the first page of the book. Staple all of the sheets of paper together into a book.


9. Yarn Photo Frame

Give Mom a picture of the two of you to keep in this beautiful frame!

What you need:
– Yarn (any color or size you want)
– Photo frame
– Scissors
– Fabric glue or a hot glue gun
– Embellishments (lace, rhinestones, etc)
– Embroidery needle
– A picture of you and Mom
Take the frame apart. If it has glass, take that out, too. Take the yarn and tie it to one end of the frame with a tight knot.
1. Wrap the yarn around the frame tightly, aligning the strands as straight as possible. It will look better if they don’t crisscross.
2. Once you’ve covered the whole frame, flip it and cut the yarn with scissors. Tie a knot with the strand.
3. Sew the strand of yarn to the to the wrapped yarn with an embroidery needle to hide it.
4. To make sure you can’t see the frame, take a glue gun or fabric glue and put a dot on each corner of the frame, then lay the wrapped yarn on top again.
5. Add any embellishments you want using a glue gun or fabric glue. Let dry.


10. Homemade Sugar Scrub

A sweet treat you can’t eat!

What you need:
– 1 cup granulated sugar
– 1 cup coconut oil
– 10-12 drops of any essential oil
– Jar
1. Combine sugar and coconut oil in a bowl.
2. Add essential oil.
3. Store in a seal tight jar. If no water gets in the jar, the mixture can last up to two weeks. Always put the lid back on after use.


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